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Strange as it may sound, the universe is aware of itself—through each and every one of us. Consciousness has been a core mystery of the human experience ever since our rise into sapience, and The Library’s virtual aisles are filling up with a variety of perspectives on this wondrous phenomenon.

However, it’s best to take it all with a grain of salt. The moment you get too serious about all this, you’ll miss the point. Play with it! Have fun with it! But don’t for a moment think that this is anything other than entertainment. So go rummage around, sync up your mind with some far-out nuggets of intellectual artistry, and admire mental sculptures of cosmic proportions!

User Interface Guide
  • Time Stamps are provided alongside each paragraph for most audio and video transcriptions. Clicking on the time stamp will automatically begin playing the media file from that point on.
  • Quotes are noteworthy passages in documents that have been selected by the Curator of the Library for their insightful content. In case the neon-yellow color is too aggressive for you, you can hover your cursor over the text selection to make it go away.
  • The symbol in front of a quote indicates that you can click on the quote to directly jump to that part in the media file.
  • Wikipedia hyperlinks in the text can be previewed by hovering your cursor over them.
  • Media playback speed is adjustable with CTRL +  and CTRL +  keyboard commands. [This is still an experimental feature. On some browsers this may interfere with already existing key commands.]
  • Audio files are encoded using the open-source .ogg file format. Please ensure your operating system has an .ogg codec installed and that your web browser can handle this format (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are compatible).
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