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Strange as it may sound, the universe is aware of itself—through each and every one of us. Consciousness has been a core mystery of the human experience ever since our rise into sapience, and The Library’s virtual aisles are filling up (admittedly at a glacial pace) with various perspectives on this wondrous phenomenon.

However! Remember to remain grounded and humble. The moment you get too serious about all this, you’ll miss the point. Consume the information as you would music, not gospel; as a neo-Buddhist sci-fi romp through the embryonic Gaian hive mind as it awakens and comes to terms with its own existence. Play with it! Have fun! Tease it a little! But don’t for a moment delude yourself into believing that it’s anything other than entertainment. Just rummage around, sync up your neural net with some far-out intellectual artistry, and admire mental sculptures of cosmic proportions!

Welcome to the collective! We’re so thrilled you’re here :)

P.S. Visit www.organism.earth for a meditative audiovisual experience of these ideas.

P.P.S. Have a suggestion? The Library is actively looking for female and POC viewpoints on this subject matter, as they are abysmally underrepresented. Feel free to contact u/CuratorOfTheLibrary on Reddit with your pointers and recommendations.

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