Most people never even notice: wow, there is something that is aware of my experience! I have thoughts, sensations, and perceptions. But something is aware of that. Wow! What is that? Most people never even have that thought! Our experience is illuminated by consciousness, is known by consciousness, appears in consciousness. And yet our culture systematically ignores the presence of consciousness. Once it has become obvious to us—as it has to all of us here—that there is something which knows our experience, it’s almost impossible to understand how it could have been overlooked.

Rupert Spira

Born: March 13, 1960

Rupert Spira is an international teacher of the Advaita Vedanta direct path method of spiritual self enquiry, and an English studio potter.

Spira is also a spiritual teacher and writer in the branch of nonduality (Advaita, in Sanskrit), exploring the nature of experience in his essays and texts. He has published several books and a few DVDs with interviews. He holds regular meetings and retreats in the UK, Europe and the US. One of his talks about nonduality is included in the video game The Witness.

Available Documents: 2

The Burning Question
December 2, 2014
What Is Now?
June 29, 2014
Rupert invites us to take a direct look at the present moment. His succinct investigation leads to stunning revelations about the nature of pure consciousness.

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