In the sociocultural phase of evolution the individual becomes co-responsible for macroevolution. The process of mentation originates in the individual, but the autopoietic structures of the neural mind form their own systems of relations which become translated into sociocultural macrosystems such as communities, societies, and civilizations. In the same way, the neural mind shapes a world of equilibrium structures, such as buildings, machines, and roads and interferes creatively with ecosystems, for example, by introducing agriculture.

Erich Jantsch

Born: January 8, 1929

Died: December 12, 1980 (Age 51)

Erich Jantsch was an Austrian-born American astrophysicist, engineer, educator, author, consultant, and futurist especially known for his work in the social systems design movement in Europe in the 1970s. He lectured widely in Europe, North and South America, Near East and Japan, and was advisor to twenty governments, several international organizations and research institutes.

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